Rental property owners are responsible for reporting their information fairly and accurately. The Johns Hopkins University does not endorse any of the property owners/companies listed on this site or any other company, products or services by virtue of making this service accessible to the JHU community. Please take the time to read the disclaimer in full in the user agreement. You are encouraged to inspect properties carefully as well as the surrounding neighborhood to make sure you will be comfortable in your new environment. Please contact the Housing Office if you are a first-time renter, would like advice, or would like additional off-campus housing information and resources. For JHMI, please call 410-955-3905 or jhmihousingoffice@jhmi.edu; for Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, please call 410-234-9240 or carey.student@jhu.edu; for Peabody Institute, please call 667-208-6706 or studentaffairs@peabody.jhu.edu.

Please note, Off Campus Partners is a for profit institution that provides a venue for property listings through The Johns Hopkins University. Off Campus Partners receives fees from property owners or management agents and JHU will receive a percentage of these fees from Off Campus Partners.